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Leg Work Weight Ratios and Imbalances

Wasn’t even really sure how to search for this question so I’d like to apologize if it has been asked before.

How much weight is fairly typical in terms of ratio for the following exercises?

Leg Extension
Standing Calf Raises

I only ask because I pushed myself hard on legs for honestly the first time today and found that I can do 165 lbs for reps on regular full squat, meanwhile I do 200 lbs for rep on leg extension, and 185lbs on standing calf raises.

Are these ratios pretty typical or does it seem strange that I do a bit more on these other exercises? I do Taekwondo so I’m sure that has played a role just as my left leg can kick much harder but my right leg has significantly better balance and squat ability (I’m left handed).

Thank you,

I am not entirely sure if everyone should be able to complete an exercise at a predetermined weight.

IMHO a squat will find your weakest link of the leg, if that makes any sense : ) I’m saying that IF the quads/hams/glutes (even your back, though rare) are weaker than the other muscle groups, then your squat will be limited by that same ‘weaker’ muscle group.

As for your numbers, they look good to me. My only advice would be to work on your calves a little more. I’m not sure where I read this, but your calves are some of the strongest muscles in your body. Second only to the heart! Push those lil’ calves : ) And realize you can work the calves in the standing position AND the sitting position. Because they are different portions of the muscle, you can work them out on your leg day together. Now take this with a grain of salt because we are all different and our bodies are NOT the same.

For example that is ONE reason why women can NOT build muscle the same way as a man. Yes we all have the same hormones, it is the levels that differ. Girls generally have to alter the hormone profiles of their bodies to gain weight.

There’s never a predetermined ratio, but in the early years you can usually deadlift more than you can squat, and leg press more than you can squat, and back squat more than you can front squat, etcetera, etcetera.

It’s been a long time since I did leg-extensions… and by a long time, I mean one of my buddies from that period in my life had enough time to move to California, start a rock band, become addicted to crystal meth, get sober, and become reasonably successful…but you don’t usually ‘leg-extension’ more than you squat. Maybe you’re talking about a leg press?

There are no ratios for things like this.

Don’t forget to work your hamstrings.

The numbers on machines are practically meaningless in my experience, so don’t worry about when you can do on leg extension, just make sure you’re going heavier over time…and definitely don’t hold back on anything so you can maintain some ratio.

Hmm interesting yeah today my neck area is sore from squatting yesterday and I’m supposed to do backrows and shoulder presses today.

Visually when looking at my legs from the front my calves are as big as my upperlegs from the front but from the side my hamstrings (i think those are the front ones) jut out about 1.5" above my knee. Width wise (Quads) are nothing though.

Are there any exercises that will isolate the quads a little to help with this?