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Leg Work After Ankle Surgery

Hey T-Nation,

My girlfriend broke her ankle about 3 years ago when she was breaking up a fight between her dogs. Tried to spin quickly with her foot planted and completely broke the ankle joint. She had surgery, screws/plates for a while, and that was all removed.

She now has almost no doriflexion due to this. I always thought it was perhaps scar tissue that was tight, but she has tried to make it flexible again (used to be competitive horseback rider) but has not had any luck. She describes it as feeling like bone on bone.

My question is, since she can not even come close to squatting or deadlifting due to this, what are some options for leg exercises?

I have had her squat holding on to doorknobs so she can be more verticle (obv would like to get away from assistance), tried some step ups but even that was a little rough.

Any suggestions?