Leg Tricks for Bad Backs

Anyone such as myself who has had lower back issues knows how much of a pain training legs can be, we need to be inventive since often squats and deads are not advisable.

I was stretching my back earlier with a 6â?? foam roller and realized if I positioned it at the bottom of my back against a wall, leaned into it I could front squat down ass to the ground as the roller when up my back while keeping my spine totally neutral, I have not tried it with weight yet but Im excited to see how it works.

The form is probably similar to a smith machine front squat, but it feels great to massage your back while squatting at the same time. Anyone else with lower back problems have any cool tricks you use to beat up your legs?

Hip Belt Squats and Sled drags and both great options. So are many single leg variations as you are not required to have as much forward lean in your torso. Weighted glute bridges and hip thrusters are great options as well.

I’d recommend strengthening your lumbar stabilizers and upper back. From what you described with the foam roller keeping your back neutral it sounds like that may be an issue. Also, check your hip mobility as well.

What exactly does your “bad back” entail?