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Leg Training


my track coach has me squatting twice a week, thing is i get bored doing regular old squats, so im wondering what everyone likes as a squat variation. i already do box squats once in a while and jump squats are also in my workout once a week.


try front squats, overhead squats, or free weight hack squats(on even ground or a deadlifting platform)...


Increase the intensity. Make it so mind blowing you don't have the energy to get bored.

Front squats and overhead squats are good variations however. But IMO if you're bored then you're not pushing yourself hard enough.


i push myself pretty damn hard, boredom is coming from having been on the same or similarlift for so long (for the most part for variation we change set and rep numbers every month) but still even at high intensity the same exercises over and over do tend to get kind of boring. overhead squats sound interesting, i've never used them before but i think i'll give them a shot. as far as front squats are concerned, they were in our workout but were replaced with jump squats in early Nov. late Oct.. Thanks for the advice its appreciated.


Couldn't have been said any better. I totally agree with this recommendation.


a quick tip for overhead squats as they can be quite a challenge...you need to have your balance and shoulder strength in check, what our club does when doing standing overhead pressing we hold at the top of each rep for as long as possible without compromising our set, and after our sets are done...pick up the heaviest weight you used and lock out with it for as long as you can, this ussually seems to be as long as a minute or two, but should never be shorter than the amount of time your set of overhead squats will take(for obvious reasons)...