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Leg Training

I tore my tricep a few days ago and the doctor told me to lay off the weights for 3-4 weeks, then slowly work my way back into it. So I’ve decided to concentrate on my legs.
Is it counterproductive to do legs 3 x week?
I’m thinking my split would go like this:
str8 leg deads
leg ext
leg curl
standing calf raises

leg press
good mornings
bulgarian squat
standing leg curls
seated calf raises

same as monday

I also want to hit the treadmill on tues, thurs and sat. any help would be appreciated

There is a new article called Pillars of Strength by Christian Thibaudeau on the article list now which is a top shelf leg program. Take a look at it and then see if your workout is similar or if you want to switch things around.