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Leg training?

I rely heavily on instinctive training for all of my body parts, this is the case especially with my legs. I basically will go in and thrash them with squats, presses, extensions, curls, st.leg deads, hyperflexion, and sissy squats, till I cant go any more. Needless to say I would like to get a good program going other than just bombardin them, something with a little more science behind it, although I feel that my legs react well to my training, but I want to utilize the wealth of knowledge that is out here, so I was wondering if any one has any good leg workouts for me. Now I only train legs once a week, as I love doing cardio and doing legs more than one day will hamper my performance in that area. I know this is a bit un T-style, but hey I am a cardio mutant I love leaving the gym with a completely drenched shirt, and I love the conditioning I get from cardio, so sorry guys I am different, but hey any advice is always appreciated.

First, let us know what your goal is, i.e. do you want to make your legs stronger, bigger, want to run a faster mile, etc.

Try the “Nausea Workout” by Poliquin in one of the first few issues of T-mag.

Otherwise, do a nice workout as highlited in “Forgotten Squats” by Coach Davies.

I would like to have my legs get bigger, but at the same time I want to have some mad definition, which I have, but I am just lacking in the size Dept. my Current routine is as follows: I begin my leg sessions with cardio for 30 mins, I know this is totally out of protocol, but I wont change it, as I love cardio and wont sacrifice it, next I head to the squat rack where I ususally do 6-8 sets, including 2 warm up sets w/135. I sometimes will do 225 for 4 sets of 12, then drop it down to 125 for slow sets of 20, I dont really rest at all inbetween, like a minute to a minute and a half at most. Yesterday I waited a bit longer and was able to add more weight, which I know will be crucial for gaining size. I guess I should just focus on doing some heavier squats, and st. leg deads, then doing all of the isolation moves with higher reps.


Try doing the cardio AFTER the lifting. Bet your legs will get bigger, champ.


think so bro. I might have to check it out, it is hard after legs to go and do cardio, but nothing about getting bigger and more ripped is easy. Do you do this? what are your results? Hey my man how is the BOulder scene? I am looking to relocate out of Cali, and Colorado has always held a spot in my mind, I here good things about Ft. Collins