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leg training

thinking about starting a new leg program, anyone care to comment on this one i’ve come up with. what i’m asking is: does this look like a good plan?

deadlifts 5x5
squats 4x12
leg press 4x12
leg curls 4x6
calf work

Mark, looks good. You may also want to go to the home page and so a search on “leg.” The search engine on the home page searches past articles. There are a ton of great leg programs and exercises you’ve never even heard of.

thanks tampa-terry, anyone else out there using deadlifts and squats in the same work-out? how’s it working?

You may want to try glute ham raise for leg curls. I tried them on Friday for the first time and it was an enlighting expireance of what a hamstring exercise should be.

Looking pretty good, just a thought.

You’re doing 96 total reps for quad dominant movements and only 49 for Hamstring. That’s fine if you’re trying to bring up lagging quads, but if not that is likely to lead to a problem down the road.

I can post a suggestion i made to someone else if you like, if not go for it. You’ve got the basics covered and are using compound movements, pretty hard to go wrong.

Mark…that looks like one helluva blast, bro! Heavy DLs and Squats in the same workout is tough physically and mentally. I’ve done the same in the past, but I would have to say that performing these two “Big Guns” on separate days worked better for me and I would tend to believe likewise for most. You could do this in more than one way. That is, you could alternate workouts of using the Deadlift and the Squat (i.e. two separate Leg Workouts). Or, what I prefer, is performing Deadlifts on the day you train your Back or on a day when you train Hip-Dominant movements (i.e. Hamstrings). We can help if you’re interested.

thanks for the suggestions and comments everyone. i plan on alternating every 6 weeks, i.e. low-rep heavy deads and high-rep light squats, then switch to high-rep deads and low-rep squats.
oh, and i was wondering, i can set aside only 4 days to work-out per week, how do fit in hip dom. and quad dom. work-outs and still get to every other body part in a 4 day routine? i use to deadlift on back day and then squat, leg curl,and etc. on leg day but i have been reading all these articals about deadlifting and squating on the same day and was worried about over-training my hams and lower back. i welcome any help. thanks again!

Mark-O…there are various ways you could split up your training such that you performed separate hip- and quad-dominant exercises on different training days. For example, you could train upper-body exercises Monday (i.e. Chest, Shoulders and Triceps), on Tuesday you could do Quad-Dominant exercises, Wednesday off, Thursday would be upper-body pulling (i.e. Back and Biceps) and Friday would be Hip-Dominant. You could place Deads on either Back or Hip-Dominant day. There are various alterations, as well. I’m currently on a two-on, one-off routine, where it goes something like this: (Day)1. Chest and Biceps, 2. Quad-Dominant and Calves, 3. Off, 4. Back and Triceps, 5. Shoulders and Hip-Dominant, 6. Off, 7. Repeat.

Timbo, given the split that you suggested to Mark, what day would be the best to perform oly lifts? I’m working out on my own this off season so I’m looking for good advice on how to build lower body power. Im also trying to incorporate a way to hit my hams hard at least twice a week (they are definitely my WEAK spot)and Im having a hard time figuring out what to work hams with. Also, being a football player, explosive lifts are a must. Sorry to burst in on this thread, but it looked like some good advice was coming out of it. Thanks

Timbo! What’s up bro? It’s been a long time since you’ve been shaking your stuff on the forum! It’s good to have you back my man! I have a new email addy, and I know you got it, so you better hit me up bro!

As for Olympic lifts, they should be done on your leg days. At the beginning of your training day before doing the squats and deadlifts and other leg work! You can easily set it up so you snatch on your first leg day and clean on your second leg day! Tear it up foolios! Peace out!

Thanks Nate Dogg, it definitely does make sense to do it that way.

No problem bro. Happy to be of assistance. Also, you may want to look into Renegade Training. If you’re playing football, then RT is definitely a great way to be at the top of your game and be able to annihil8 your opponents! Football requires many “spokes of the wheel” in order to be well balanced and ready to attack. So in addition to doing Olympic lifts to help build some explosive speed, you’ll also want to work on agility, GPP (weighted and nonweighted), speed work, traditional weight training and flexibility.

Check out the Renegade Revolution Forum if you haven’t already done so. Coach Davies has a cool book for Football training that is a great reference guide on the various aspects of training and how to perform the movements. You can also purchase a specific program that will get you in awesome shape in no time.

Nate Diggity! I was waiting to join forces with my Top Dawg once again. I shall hit you up in the very near future (i.e. this evening)…I better be careful what I say though (i.e. “hit you up”–as I meant an email) because some T-bros are watching me quite closely:-)

annihil8tor…The Dogg of Nateness knows what he’s talking about. I tend to do much more bodybuilding-friendly work. As a matter of fact, despite performing two separate leg days per week (i.e. hip- and quad-dominant), I don’t perform Deadlifts (Conventional) on either, but rather on my Back day. I perform movements like STLDLs, Good Mornings, Reverse-Hypers, and the God-forbidden lying leg curls on hip-dominant day. What lifts are you looking to incorporate?

I can’t imagine doing 5x5 deadlifts and four sets of twelve squats in the same day, but hey… that’s just me.

ike, your right it is a butt kicker, i feel really good after this workout, a lot of people at the power house i train at don’t have the guts to even deadlift, let alone try both. i have been performing this workout on friday and it’s the last workout for the week, so i have 2 days to eat, sleep, and recover.
thanks for the help everyone.