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Leg Training

I have a torn legiment in my right thumb so i can’t do any upper body work but i also can’t do squats or anything like that for me legs because i can’t put any pressure on my hand. But i was thinking about trying to increase my leg size. I have acces to standing and sitting cybex leg press machines, cybex leg extensions, and cybex seated and lying leg curl. And what should i do about my calorie intake? Should i restrict carbs and eat high protein? Because i do nothing but go to school and workout. Now i cant workout except with my legs. So what should i do?

There are pec machines that don’t put pressure on the hands, and can be adjusted to do the motion in reverse. Might be worth a try. Can do a lot of core work. Would hand harnesses work (a quadrupilegic (sp?) friend of mine uses some harnesses for bicep work, since he can’t grip anything)? These attach to low and high pulleys.

Hmm, a digit shouldn’t keep you out of the racks. Besides a great time to start Zercher Squats, Good Mornings & Front Squatting (cross-over style). Let me know if I can help. In faith, Coach Davies

I agree 100% on the cross-faced grip front squats; it’s a great exercise whether your thumbs are healthy or not!

btw - when I referred to Good Mornings, I meant Zercher Good Mornings. I hope that didnt confuse you. In faith, Coach Davies

Guys, if I read this right, the real question was “How can I workout the rest of my body?”

you should also probably be able to backsquat with a manta ray, using a few fingers as ‘guiders’