Leg Training Without Weights

Hi, I’m 23 yo and am doing my social service in med school at Mexico city, that means that for the next year I have to live in a very small town far far away from a gym or anything like that. All I have is a pullup bar, some dumbbells and thats it. My upper body doesn?t worry me that much anyway my legs have always been my weak spot, so any good ideas for a good leg workout. I mean its a whole year without heavy squatting and I really would like to improve my legs. Thanks.

Lunges, squats and romanian deadlifts.

Use pauses, slow eccentrics and jumps to up the intensity. Hold your DBs in your hands.

IF you have heavy enough DBs, you should be fine to push your legs pretty hard.

Dude you posted this same question a month ago.

Pistols are your best weapon to help strengthen your legs. Start doing them with just bodyweight and once you are proficient at that you can start to hold some weight in your hands to make the exercise more chalenging.

When I am too busy to go to the gym as often as i’d like i do leg workouts at home.
Short sprint interval training
Elevator deep squats
one leg squats
step-ups (find a suitable high)
one-leg deadlifts
bulgarian split squats
reverse hypers
DB good mornings
single leg bum drop