Leg Training with Disc Herniations?

Hey guys, long story short I have a few herniations and I’m looking for advice training legs around those injuries.
So far I cannot tolerate back, front or zercher squats, RDLs, Deadlifts of any kind, including trap bar.

Leg press doesn’t cause any pain, but I suspect this is what lead to my injury so I’m tentatively keeping it in my routine for now.

So far what I’ve come up with is trap bar rear elevated split squats, leg press, and lying leg curls.

The split squat really hits my glutes, the leg press is with lighter weight, shorter ROM and keeping my ass glued to the seat, and the leg curls for hamstrings.
This seems to take care of most things but I’m concerned about not having a hip-hinge movement in my routine. I’m currently trying single leg RDLs but having a hard time with balance and getting the form down.

What do you guys think?

Step-ups are great. (And I mean high step-ups like onto a bench). Also Prowler and sled work if you have access to them.

After I herniated my disk I just did lunges as everything else hurt but I’ve slowly managed to do the following pain free

Hammer strength Hack squats (keeps your back nice and flat and supported)
RDL higher reps lower weight and a good stretch.
Split squats
Pull through (these are brilliant)
Laying leg curl
Seated calf raises or body weight on one standing leg calf raises for reps .

Hope that helps. Make sure you just rest and strengthen your core, glutes etc (find the weak link).