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Leg Training:To coach davies

Coach Davies,
I went back to the docter today thinking i was going to get my cast off today for my thumb injury. But it got put ont for another 3 weeks and i may not be able to do much upper body lifting for a while after that. So i’ve decided to concentrate on my legs. But i can’t stand to work on machines anymore i feel like a pussy whether i have a cast on my hand or not. But do you think you could give me a good leg routine to add size to my legs that wouldn’t envolve using my hands much? And a suggestion about what i should do with my diet? I’d really appreciate the help.

you can easily get around that easily with a a choice from a wide variety of weighted movements such as (a) Zercher Squats (b) Front Squats, cross-over grip & I would suggest 11/2’s © Zercher Good Mornings - but that is assuming you have no grip what so ever. Let me know a little about your grip or any limitations - I dont want to recommend anything that might jeopardize your recovery. I look forward to hearing from you. In faith, Coach Davies

One legged squats…