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Leg Training Split

Hey All,
Got a quick question concerning my leg training split. I am currently putting most of my focus and energy in the gym on my legs. I work them twice per week (Monday and Thursday) and I was curious as to which approach most of you take in regards to leg training. Would it be better to do a quad dominant day and a seperate hip (hamstring) dominant day? As of right now here is what I am doing:

Front Squats 5x5 (ass to grass)
SLDL’s 5x5
Walking Lunges 3x6-8
Natural Glute/Ham Raisies 3x6-8

Calves…Chad Waterbury’s routine

Back Squats 5x5 (ass to grass)
Leg Curls 5x5
Extensions 3x6-8
Pull throughs 3x6-8

Calves…same as above

***also wondering if maybe I should subsitute hack squats or Zercher squats instead of lunges and extensions

And as a sidenote…I do deads and or rack pulls on Saturdays on my “back” days.

So I was wondering if it would be more conducive to either keep the workout as I do it now (doing a FULL leg workout twice per week)…or if it would be better to do a quad dominant day and a hip dominant day?

Hi Tony,
I switched to separate quad and hip dominant days back in January. Best decision I ever made. It allowed for much better recovery and much more focus on my hip oriented movements since they usually tend to be weaker.

So that’s my vote.