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Leg training question.

Hey T-ppl,I always hear about hip-dominant and quad-dominant exercises done on separate days…can u tell me what exercises are under what category? U know,famous ones like deads,squats,leg presses etc.

And why do them separately as opposed to doing them in one training day? And why are u all training them SEPARATELY? Articles on this subject would be cool.I love reading new stuff.

Hey Kenneth - go check out the ‘Limping’ series of articles by Ian King in the 1999 set of T-Mag back-issues. (I think it’s '99 anyway) There’s everything you need to know there bud.

A simplistic way to figure this out is any exercise in which your torso stays upright is typically a quad dominant exercise.(squats, lunges etc.)…Any exercise in which your torso bends forward 45 degrees or more is more of a hip dominant movement (deadlifts, good mornings)
The rationale for training them separately is usually to give more work to the hip dominant movements. Most bodybuilders do too many quad dominant in relationship to hip dominant movements.

You don’t have to train them separately Ken, but some do, including Ian King who popularized the idea. Even if you don’t train them separately (I don’t most of the time), the greater point to take home is that you need to be spending at least as much time on your posterior chain (your glute and hamstrings) as you do “quad dominant” movements like squats. In the past bodybuilders have had a bad habit of training mostly with squatting movements, then throwing in a couple of leg curls at the end for the hamstrings. The focus should be first and foremost on the posterior chain with deadlifts, glute ham raises, reverse hypers, etc… This area contributes the most to speed and power.

quad dominant: narrow stance full motion squats, low foot position leg press, leg extensions.
hip dominant: wide stance squats, regular or stiff legged deadlifts, hamstring curls, high foot position leg press.

i split my leg routine this year and i’ve had great results. Your nervous system gets so shocked from doing squats or deadlifts. There is no way that you could fully get a great workout for both. I add delts and calves to quads and shoulders and forearms to hamstrings.

I thought delts are your shoulders, or am I mistaken?

I consider shoulders to be traps, not the deltoid which is a connection of the arm to the shoulder. most people get confused.