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Leg Training & Golf


Ok, so not sure this belongs in this section, but my friend is driving me crazy and I really don't have an answer for him.. anyway..

He plays golf (very regularily so, it's a big deal).. he doesn't do much in the way of leg training for two reasons:
(1) he broke one leg in three places years ago and still has pins in his ankle, so there's a grandious number of exercises he can't perform
(2) he gets real tight hips and it affects the golf.. you know I guess the best golfers (besides Tiger) do real faggy workouts and mostly stretching)..

Anyway he's extremely lean and pretty well developed as he's not new to training, but he tried getting serious with the lower body training to get a little bigger (after breaking his leg he atrophied and would like to build it back up, but it doesn't train right being so twisted and is visibly smaller than the other one .. anyway back to my point..)

He says that after doing legs (mainly, dumbell squats), he can hit the ball perfectly and its amazing.. but the next day he'll be tight as a drum and his golf will suffer horribly.. what more.. if he sticks with the training for a month it will only get tighter and worse, but after some time off he'll go back to doing the db squats and be better than before.. until he starts training regularily and then gets tight again..

He stretches a lot (including sport-specific static stretching and whatever) but it doesn't seem to make a difference.

Im not a doctor or specialist in anyway, but he always asks me, and I just dont know what to say. I dont know anything about golf anyway and I dont know what to tell him.

I was hoping someone here might be able to give me advice or link me somewhere? Maybe there's a special way to traing for this sport?


Your golfing friend needs to stretch before playing and continue doing PT. I hope he is walking the course and not riding. My guess is he is paranoid about losing whatever consistency he currently has and can’t adjust to any feeling of change in his body. A great excuse for fat, skinny fat, and weak golfers to never hit the gym. He simply needs to:

A.) Do PT and stretch for 30-45 minutes prior to the round.
B.) get some good lessons so he has better consistency

Its a myth that anything related to strength training adversely affects the golf swing. The inverse is true.
I’m a single digit player and spend much more time in the gym than on the course. I can also raw bench and squat nearly double my body weight. 40lbs to go on the bench. I turned 50 last week and for grins did a new PR on the bench with 330.

Whats great about strength training is with a strong, stable base there is no need for technology to help in hitting it long, and you end up with better overall muscle control for the short game. My profile should have a link to my golf website if he needs to shore up his game. We have several PGA TOUR champions on the site.


check this out. its a workout regimen for golfers. I use to be a Pro, well I guess technically I still am. strength training will not hurt your golf game but you need to remain flexible as well. Just like if you where working out normally. Remember that El Tigris faggy workouts made him a multi billionaire and has a model for a wife. Plus has a cult following some that is ridiculous at golf tourneys. By the way tiger benches like 350-400lbs


I think OP was saying that El Tigre’s workouts are fine, the rest are faggy.

I got nothing useful as I’m a noob lifter AND golfer. Except how often is was he lifting when he’d suffering from increasing tightness? Maybe it was too frequent or not frequent enough.

And reiterate that he needs to work on mobility before lifting, stretching (and foam rolling) after lifting, and THEN keep doing whatever for his golf exercises. A faggy golf stretch is going to help you after you do squats.

Factor in PT, Basically we’re talking about 40 hours a week of rehab.


Caveat: there is absolutely nothing golf-based about what I am suggesting.

He might try, after his work sets, doing a few sets with quite light warmup weights again. Not to exhaustion but a fair number of reps each.

In many cases this helps function in the days afterwards, if there were post-exercise problems in the first place.

If doing DB squats, quite light could mean a set with pretty light DB’s and then a set with just bodyweight.


(By quite light I don’t mean 5 lb.)