Leg Training Destroying Life

I’ve been training legs again and noticed that the DOMS I receive for the next 72-96 hours is getting in my life.

I am a college student and need to walk class to class. It took me 1 hour 13 minutes to walk 1.4 km and I was almost tripping and falling everytime.

What should I do? It is worse than the pain of being stabbed in the legs. I cant live life like this. I cannot omit legs either and pain killers cause health damage.

Should I replace squat with like legpress or something? The DOMS is just wayyy too much.

Are you serious? Lol. Take some advil and get over it. You won’t cause any health damage. The soreness becomes less severe after you get stronger.


max13 is at it. You will get used to squatting and the DOMS won’t be as bad eventually. Also no, painkillers don’t “cause health damage” unless you pop 5000mg of ibuprofen or paracetamol daily. Foam rolling also helps to get the blood flowing.

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I didn’t see any leg workouts in the last three weeks of your training log, only some comment about knee pain.

What did your leg workout look like? The exercises, sets, and reps. Did you hit muscular failure on any sets?

Like the guys have said, of course you’re going to have major DOMS when you start training a bodypart that isn’t used to being trained. But as long as your training isn’t dumb, the body will adapt and it’ll soon be no big deal. Make sure you’re eating enough, including workout nutrition (protein-carbs during training), to provide nutrients to recover with.

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I’m laughin so hard currently. I knew this was going to be excellent when I did read the headline.

Seriously though - you’ll get used to it, like said before. I also wonder that have you moved to a new method/higher volume recently? New intensity or volume may hurt a little first. Regular 5x5 should not cripple you like that.

AND, if you continue to suffer terible DOMS, check your recovery methods or do something easier.


I’ll be cliche: suck it up, buttercup!


Can hardly walk due to DOMS?

Only one thing to do- go to the gym right away and repeat your last squat workout.


Sounds like my life at one point. 8 squat sessions a week while it lasted.

Color me unimpressed OP. If it’s knee pain, you need to take a step back and learn how to do leg work and keep yourself healthy. If on the other hand it is DOMS, then either don’t do 24972 sets of legs or suck it up.

It takes 2-3 weeks to get used to a new routine, and if you never did it before you’ll pray for death like you are now. Deal with it and get stronger. It will only take a couple weeks. Stabbing leg pains sounds like me trying to walk up stairs after leg day. Normal.

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Hot bath/shower
Light rolling
Light movement of the area.

That will help for 20 minutes or so:)

DOMS can last a week. You’ll adjust after some workouts but it’s usually wise to start with half volume or intensity and build up over a few weeks.

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The key to overcoming this is to actually train your legs more consistently. First few sessions are always gonna hurt, if you then don’t train them again for 2 weeks then your back to square one

Sack up, do the work, deal with it and adapt

one thing to try is 5-10 minutes on the bike before your session, then after a set of 5 sprints, 30 second sprint, 30 rest and so on. Will only take a very short time.



I didn’t intend to be snide or anything with my comment. The best thing to do with DOMS really is to just go and keep doing what made you so uncomfortable.

Either keep doing it until it feels comfortable, or change the training variables in such a fashion that you no longer get DOMS.

But stopping the lift/exercise outright is just plain dumb.

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Drink more water , how much water do u drink a day?

also nutrition and post workout nutrition.

don’t go to muscular failure seems obvious . But literally think of it rep by rep.

As much of a hindrance the day after legs can be, I LOVE the pain. It reminds me I’m getting things done. I can’t wait to get my legs and ass back to where they were. Advil it up and stick with it!