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Leg Training & Cycling Question

I live in an urban area and I ride my bike pretty much everywhere (including to the gym). I read somewhere that it was bad to do any type of cardio after a leg workout, because it leads to over training. Is this true?


Overtraining depends on a multitude of variables (workout details, nutrition, sleep patterns, and energy system work, ext., ext.). The bicycling could help improve you recover ability kind of like GPP if not done obsessively. If done obsessively it probably will cut in to you lean mass gains. Hope that helps!

If you ride your bike everywhere, then it’s just part of your lifestyle, not cardio for you. unless it’s a really hard ride and you go a very long way…

have you noticed any ill affects so far from doing it? if it’s a nice ride, i would think it would be beneficial and at the worst, neutral to your training.

it would also depend on what type of training you’re doing, of course if you’re trying to gain weight then any extra calories burned might be a problem. but then again, not getting to the gym at all (if you don’t have a ride or car etc.) would be even worse…