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Leg Training After Torn Knee Tendon

I’m a new poster here so let me introduce myself. I’m 28, 6’2 215 and have been weight training for over 12 years. I was naturally strong and everything was going good until my patellar tendon on the right knee 5 months ago playing football. I began training my upper body a month after the operation and my doctor says I can resume training legs in a month including squats. But he was strict about going heavy.

Going above bodyweight on squats are forbidden, leg extensions and forward lunges are totally out of the question as well as sprinting for at least a couple of years. I used to squat 455 for 7 reps before the operation and I don’t even doubt that my leg strength hit rock bottom anyway, but if I am to bring them back to size 215 simply won’t cut it eventually.

It seems reverse lunges and step ups for high reps are all I have. Maybe I should work on doing pistols? What can I really do?

i have had very nice results with prolotherapy in my patella tendon. you could look in to that.

also LOTS of light eccentrics on a slant board seem to help