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Leg Training After Shoulder Reconstruction


Im going in tomorrow for a shoulder reconstruction which means no upperbody weights for 3+months.
I want to at least maintain/continue building my legs during this period. does anybody have any exercises apart from common machine work(legpress, leg extensions/curls etc) to continue my leg development.

Ive seen people doing squats/lunges with weight hanging from a dipping belt, has anybody done these exercises or comment on them?


There are plenty of exercises you can still do. Off the top of my head, I can think of the following: Belt Squats, weight vest squats, lunges, step ups, etc., and sled drags.


I had my surgery in September 2009. I was 46 yr old.
Even in machines it is difficult to brace/secure the body and drive. I found single-leg exercises most effective because I could use lighter loads. Intensification techniques helped too. I didnâ??t try a hip-belt (although I like the idea), but did use a tie-down strap (the thicker the better) suspended around my neck and shoulders for straight leg deadlifts and managed to get some decent hamstring work done (you have to use the good arm to keep the bar close to your body). Once I reached the point where I could support the Hack-Squat station I found it was the best way to get a load on the body without directly involving my shoulder. I focused on conditioning work for my other training days.


I had right shoulder labrum/biceps tendon repair last year @ 39 years old. Although there were a few things I could have done besides leg press/curl, having that big-ass brace in the way made most of it impossible or just too risky. Loading the plates was a pain for that matter, literally. I agree with single leg movements, really anything you can do seated is good. Good news is within 6 months I was deadlifting again and at 1 year my repaired shoulder is better off than my other one.

Also, you won't sleep comfortably for at least 2 months after surgery. Whatever you do, try not to fall. It will S U C K.


I guess I hit the injury and genetic landmine,I'm 18 and after the first dislocation in football, it has come out in my sleep even though ive been seeing a phyiso and doing rotator cuff work

I found that, Ive done everything single leg on machines, with 15 reps and 3-6 second negatives each rep. I also done single leg squats which have worked well.

I set programs for my friends so i always train with people so i get them to load the leg press so happy days (Y)

sleeping is better now, Im at 3 weeks, and Im getting a good nights sleep now most nights. I havent fallen, but I have walked into a door frame which hurt more than my dislocation