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Leg Tendon Injury


Hi Fellow BB’ers,

Since six weeks I’m suffering from pain in the outer Quadriceps, around the Vastus Lateralis.
The pain is very local, on the outer of the quadriceps. The vertical position is midhalf of the Vas. Lat.
I depicted the area in the attachment (
The pain is very local, when performing anything narrow/regular stance (squat BW, walking stairs), the pain is triggered. Sumo Squats resulting in very little pain.

I visited two different physiotherapists.
Both told me it is not the Vastus Lateralis Muscle causing the problem, but the underlying tendon is the problem. (This is the IT band right?)
Looked over some articles and found it should be Tendonosis (Instead of Tendonitis, which is an inflammatory, and should heal within 2-3 weeks). I want to know whether or not you guys think I’m right? The pain is almost the same over last two months, no pain when sitting/walking, little pain when climbing stairs, very painful in the lowest position of the squat.
I took of training legs for 6 weeks right now, didn’t see any improvement.

If I’m right, there is no Tendonitis, so no inflammation, this means anti-inflammatory (NSAIDs, Curcumine, Green Tea) will not help my condition right?
What about Cissus? Is this helpful for my situation?


And what you guys think about stretching and foam rolling? Are these two methods helpful for me? Can it be harmful for my situation? (Tendonosis vs Tendonitis)

I’m looking for help to recover from this injury, I skipped legs the past six weeks, hoping to see any progression, but still no progression.
A lot of information and a lot of questions, I hope you guys can help me a bit.


Any suggestions/comments?