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Leg Symmetry Issues


I have a pretty big lack of symmetry in my legs and wanna know if anyone has any tips on balancing them out. In terms of lower body work, I'm currently doing power cleans and back squats 3 times a week and lunges once a week.


Barely noticeable.


I don't mean to be a dick but your legs just need more size overall man, you're not at a level of development where you would need to worry about symmetry between your legs




yes..and the difference is so little that it doesn't really matter.. I think no one have 100 % perfect simmetry in each body part


I don't see anything big about your legs at all.. but try one legged leg press


Just starting to work on hypertrophy and figured that the difference would become more pronounced as I progress. Guess I'm just be overly nitpicky and paranoid though.


Keep training mate. Preferably hypertrophy training.


My left quad is a little fuller in the outside, but you could never tell really unless you closely examined it and measured it. One legged leg press and extensions help even out as do lunges.