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Leg Strength Back After Appendectomy?


So I won't be able to go heavy for able 2 more weeks (relatively heavy), I had an emergency appendectomy about 2 weeks ago and have lost nearly 20 pounds! When I get back in the gym I'm looking for the most effective way to increase my squat numbers and pulling power as I feel these two things have been dramatically decreased. Currently I'm not supposed to lift over ten pounds but I've been doing bulgarian split squats and goblet squats with 10-20 pound dumbbells (I get F*ing WINDED after this!!! Haha)

I'm currently stretching so I don't lose any flexibility and I'm looking to hit the ground running when I'm able to start training again. Big set back but even bigger goals and increased drive and determination after the injury. Also any recommendations on supplements because currently I've never taken any sort of supplement or protein powder (really necessary?). Thanks in advance for any advice and suggestions.


I don't know what you are able to do with your injury. From my experience the best way if I had no limitations from an injury would be to squat medium weights for something like 5x5 every day. I've found that when I haven't been training for a while the thing that goes out first is lower back/abs strength. So I would do something like 60-70% of 1RP max for 5x5 until it felt comfortable keeping lower back tight, then increase 5kgs every other day or so.


Hey man, I was in your shoes 2 years ago. I went from 280-250 in 2 weeks and I was winded very easily probably because I was stoned all the time from all that anesthetic they used on me. The doctors told me I couldn't lift anything for at least 6 weeks, but being a meathead I started lifting 2 weeks later. I found running to purge my body of the drugs they put me on helped a lot I also did pushups (trying to get to 100 consecutively) and shoulder exercises with bands daily I did bodyweight squats as well. When I was in the gym, I really paid attention to my body trying not to make any sudden movements that could end up turning into a hernia. I suggest you do the same, I lifted moderately heavy but limited heavy sets to 1 or 2 for about a week or 2. I also did a lot of high rep squatting and until I wasn't gassing much anymore. Be very cautious when you do pulling movements like pullups or rows, I didn't really have a problem with deadlifting though. Just watch yourself for a few weeks and slowly progress as your pain goes away. Eventually start working your core to strengthen the muscles on top of squatting and deadlifting and stuff, but keep heavy core work light until you are pain free. As far as nutrition, you can still be fine without supplements. I used a massgainer cause I had to gain my weight back for football. my strength came back pretty quickly making jumps in bench, squat/dead every week after that. One thing to watch if you choose to go the mass gainer way is that you will end up with some good fat with it. I had appendicitis in May, but by the end of the summer I was back up to 275 and my lifts were back up to what they were before. I focused size more than strength. Another thing to note on is that you are on the right track with the stretching. I didn't stretch my hips much during my recovery and I became tighter on the right side. Good luck with it man, and listen to your body. (so cliche, but true lol).