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Leg Speed and Agility Training?


hello, new to this place, pretty cool site.
was wondering has anyone any tips or ideas for a program that will increase my leg speed/power and agility like change for direction and vertical jump, also exercises the will help with the kip up and back flip, alot to ask of, but any bit of information will do, thanks.


visualization. you must visualize yourself leaping tall buildings in single bounds.

oh, and dont forget the ULTIMATE ANABOLIC....PRAYERS!


Hahaha true. Check out Joe DeFranco's site, he has an article called The Fabulous 15 "Top 15 exercises for Higher Vertical Jumps". That should be a good start. Kip up...you've just gotta, practice, practice, practice that. You'll eventually get it and then after that it's a piece of cake. ( I hope I'm thinking about the same thing you are here). Back flips...mmm I tried those a few times, didnt work so well. I'd get someone to help you out with that, don't kill yourself over it.



was just messing around yesterday and i was able to do a kip up, pretty happy with myself, cheers for the feedback


Hey there.

Just wondering, why are you intereseted in learning how to do kip-ups and back flips?

They both are very technical skills to perform correctly, but once you get it there easier to do than walking.
Thats cool that you did a kip-up the other day, something that might make them easier for you. Work on your back flexibiliy as they require you to arch like a contorking cat, and make sure you are rolling onto your upper back to perform the kip as you push with your shoulder blades. dont just start motionless from your upper back.

For the back flip.
If you can do a front flip you are miles ahead of your self already. Back flips are 100 times easier than front flips because you can see your landing as soon as your over your head, where as with a front flip you cant see your lading until the skill is done.
You dont need a huge vert to do a back flip, it does help but if your technique is down you can pull one from just about any height.

I could sit here and explain every biomechanical movment you need to perform in order to do a back flip but that would be alot of info overload. So I suggest you get back to me on what you have been doing for your self and I can help you from there.
The first thing though, if you have not done so yet. You have to get over the fear of going over your head. once you get that you'll get it in know time.

Hope to hear from you soon.
Good luck


hey Dane

I'm interested in doing them as i think they are impressive to preform, i like all agility and aerobatic movments, self statisfaction.

other than practice the movements and some stretching thats all i'm doing, yea the thought of landing on your head, is a bit off putting on the backflip, but somersaults are easy to do. cheers for the info.