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Leg Specialization Help


Hello to all T members i’ve reading the web for much time and i need some help the next week i want to start a leg specialization phase for 4 weeks.
Need some feedback with the routine

Monday: overall leg development
Tuesday: chest/triceps/shoulders
Wednesday: back/biceps
Thursday: quads
Friday: hamstrings
Saturday: rest
Sunday: rest

For the upper body lifts all are low volume 6 sets for each muscle gruop
For the lower body this is the program
Leg curl 3 x 10 (3 second descent)
Glute ham raise 3 x 10
Leg press 3 x 10 with same weight
Hack 3 x 10 (with 2 second pause at bottom)
Back squats 3 x 10 same weight

Top half squat 3 x 10
Front squat in smith machine 3 x 10 (4 second eccentric)
Leg press 3 x 10 same weight
Hack 3 x 10 same weight

Leg curl 4 x 10-12
Inverted hack 4 x 10-12
Glute ham raise 4 x 10-12

Thats all let me know for some changes please thanks in advance


Two weeks ago, you talked about wanting to do a chest specialization. Did you do that? If so, what were the results (strength and measurements)?

What’s your current height, weight, and general fat level (chubby, lean, “skinny fat”, etc.)?

Overall, I think the general idea you’re trying to work with (a full leg day, a quad day, and a ham day) could be something, but I don’t know why you’re using the same handful of movements on all the days. I’m also not sure your “quad day” has a significant quad emphasis. And calves. If you’re doing a leg focus, train calves.

Lastly, there’s no reason to only be doing 3-4x10-12, even with some slow negatives or pauses. If you’re attacking the legs, especially in multiple sessions per week, hit 'em with everything - some heavier lower rep stuff, moderate work with the negatives, and crazy-burn high rep sets.

You might be better off considering this 4-week plan with 3 leg days and an upper body day. John Meadows stuff is always great, if you’re up for it. These are some Mountain Dog routines to try.

Something else to remember with any specialization program, especially legs, is that you’re going to want to crank up your calories and not skimp on protein, carbs, or good fats. If your bodyweight doesn’t go up week to week, you’re hamstringing your progress. Horrible pun intended. :ok_hand:


Thanks for your advice im following meadows leg training and getting very good results in leg size