Leg Specialisation


I have broken my wrist and have been told that my upper body training will be very limited for at least 3 months. Therefore I plan to focus on legs for this time. Anyone have any suggestions for good programs? (remembering I can’t do Deadlifts)


Do a search for Ian King’s “Limping” series from a few years back.

Not too long ago I had severe tendonitis (technically DeQuervain’s tendinosys) in my right hand. Couldn’t do rows or presses. Even one arm rows were out, because I couldn’t bend my right wrist to brace myself on the bench. I couldn’t even squat, because I couldn’t hold the bar. I’d have to look back in my training journals for my exact workouts, but as I remember, I did something like this: Monday and Thursday I did one-hand dumbbell snatches (5x3), one hand dumbell push presses (5x5), one-arm pulldowns (4x10) and ab work. Tuesday and Friday I did leg presses (5x8), hack squats (3x12), leg curls (4x8) and calf work. Hope that helps. Good luck!

you could also do something like squats with a loaded dip belt standing on chairs. i can not remember what this exercise is called and belt squats does not seem right.

now would also be a good time to start and intense stretching routine to get your flexibility to where it should be. Ian King did an article on this and ive used it for years with great success.

oned legged deadlifts and pistols, unloaded, could be done.

some calf work.

if i think of more ill post, sorry to hear and hope you recover well.

I am pretty sure those are called belt squats.

You should be able to do zercher squats too. As far as your PC goes I would think you could do good mornings since you only have to use your hands to stabilize the bar.

I have looked at King’s Limping Series but I haven’t worked up the courage to do it yet.

Good luck and I hope it heals up for you.

Now’s a good time to use upper body machines, too. Pullover, pec dec, rear delt, medial delt…
You should be able to do bodybuilder style front squats (arms crossed). Zercher good morings are good and hit your calves and abs hard, too,

Thanks for your help guys.

I can Squat and have been doing so on the Smith machine.

Rocket Lax, when you list one-arm exercises do you mean you just did them on your able arm for cns cross-over? (i have read this can limit strength loss in untrained side) as there is no way I could do them with my injured side.

I had thought about IK’s Limping series but in later phases you have to do eadlifts and I don’t think this would be possible.

I have a pec dec at my gym but not machine pullover or lateral anymore (I left a gym that had those a few months ago). I like the streching suggestion I’ve thought it would be a good time to focus on ‘Energy System Work’ and losing some fat so I will incorporate the streching too.

Again, thanks for all your help and I guess I’ll just have to work on the legs and improvise the best I can for upper body.


I mentioned this somewhere else before, but shrugs on the standing calf raise (Hise shrugs) and also dip-shrugs with your elbows planted in the hanging leg raise pads can help keep your upper body up.

Dan E, yep, I just did the one arm exercises with my working hand. (Trust me, I was in a cast for two weeks and then had a hard time closing my hand for another month. There was no way I could use my right hand.) I found that the one-arm snatches and push-presses helped my lower back and hips stay in shape, as well as keeping my upper body from getting too out of shape. Good luck!