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leg spasms

i’ve noticed the last couple times i worked quads or hams, the very bottom of my left quad (right above the knee) twitches/spasms every minute or so. This lasts for several days. It’s not painful at all but kind of annoying, especially when trying to fall asleep. Any ideas? I’ve tried stretching and ibuprofen but it keeps twitching (reminds me of hiccups that won’t stop).

if you find a cure let me know. ive had it off and on forever. i just put my leg in a stretched position and go to sleep that way. if its your quad pull your knee to you chest while laying on your side. pull your foot to your but. that should keep it from twitching.

I’d like to know that too. My thighs above the knee do that also, but especially my calves are bad. They do it all the time, they never stop twitching. It looks like an alien coming out of my calves! It just gets a lot worse when I use ephedrine/caffeine and somewhat worse with MD6. It must be some neural thing, but don’t know what…

You need to relax the muscle where the spasm is. Try something like Icy-Hot, Bengay or BioFreeze is a good product.

Bernie, i once went six days with an average of 3 hours of sleep a night. my legs were twitching all over. NOTHING i did helped.

guys, I used to suffer from this but I tried this amazing product which has relieved me of all these symptoms. It’s called ZMA.

I’m glad you guys brought this up because I’ve experienced this from time to time also. It’s not painful but the twitching is kind of a nuisance…it also worries me when it doesn’t stop for a while because I fear that my quads will cramp up which can be quite painful. Anyway, thanx for the suggestions

I believe this is caused by high stimulation of the nervous system as I notice it tends to occur more after heavy workouts and when using something that strongly stimulates the nervous system such as ephedrine. I have found that increasing intake of magnesium and potassium seem to help.

This can also be a potassium/magnesium deficiency, which has symptoms of cramps/twitching. My wife who is also a bodybuilder, gets severe leg cramping whenever she forgets to add potassium, magnesium, zinc, calcium to her daily vitamin regime. I also will get cramps if I omit 400mg per day of magnesium. This may also help ‘restless leg syndrome’.

Here you go fellas, like somebody mentioned, it’s usually a magnesium problem. That’s why the gentleman above had good results with ZMA:

http://www.ivillage.com/diet/ features/herbs/ qas/0,5090,222490_4869,00.html