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Leg Routine

Can someone give me some info on splitting youre quad dominant and hamstring dominant workout combinations. if there is a link on this site that leads to a good article please post it. too many results came up on the search machine. thanx in advance.

I would take a look at Ian King’s “Limping” series. Basically, for quad dominant day, you’d include squats (and variations), leg presses, and leg extensions. Hip dominant day is focused around deadlifts, snatches/power cleans/high pulls, and leg curls. Lunges can pretty much go either way, depending on degree of knee flexion and whether they are static or dynamic.

Read “Pelvis has left the Building”

“Too many results came up on the search machine”?!??!?

Gee, if a whole lot of articles came up, that would mean that you’d have to, like, read a whole bunch of stuff, wouldn’t it? And there’d probably be conflicting opinions and everything. And that would mean that you’d have to weigh information and make up your mind for yourself…

Holy shit, we can’t have that! Someone get this man a definitive answer, stat!