Leg Raise, Ab Wheel, and Back Extension for Lower Back/Abs Assistance

After a lower back “tweak” I have realized that I likely cannot carry on with my “minimalist” approach to training and need to add in some dedicated movements that will strengthen my torso and low back.

Traditionally I’ve stuck with the basic barbell movements coupled with push-ups, pull-ups, and abs whenever I felt like it, but I’m looking to add leg raises, the ab wheel, and back extensions to my daily training.

Would these 3 movements cover all bases, so to speak? I am having a bit of analysis paralysis here, and having been researching reverse hyper machines, GHDs, and even considered adding Good Mornings.

Thoughts appreciated. Thanks.

All bases? Dunno.

But you’re good with them. No need to worry it too much. I’m mostly doing weighted back raises and weighted ab wheels for my midsection.

I personally like to do all my core work standing. Band crunches, cable obliques , etc thisnis something that I heard from some really strong guuys when I first started powerlifting and I never changed. Some of the strongest guys I’ve trained with all do core in standing. Not saying all powerlifters do this but ones I have trained with do.

Low back depends. If you’re deadlifting and squatting with any amount of volume your low back is getting hit. That doesn’t mean some bodyweight low back, ghr , or light weight good mornings won’t help if that’s a weakness. I wouldn’t do more than 1 of these movements though after a squat or dead session for added low back volume.

We discussed isolation ex recently here and someone said something that stuck with me. Iso work is a great way to get more sets on a muscle without doing more of a taxing lift like deads or squats. Approach these the same way. You aren’t trying to max out on a crunch or back extension machine.

So maybe squat day-abs 2x20, back ex 2x20

Dead day- abs , GHR 3x6-8 depending on yourstrength

Good luck
Man hope this helps.