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Leg/ quad size

I have always had trouble inducing muscle growth in my legs. My vastus medialis is decent but my lateralis, rectus and inter medius lag way behind. My hamstrings and calfs are not so hot either. Not to make excuses but my knees and ankles are much smaller then the typical adult male. So when in shorts I look like an idiot. I also have flat feet. Is it biomechanics, muscle length, bone size, muscle fiber comp, The medialis is decent and I understand it is predominantly fast twitch muscle that makes up its composition. Has anyone come across a routine that produces size in the quads? Should I focus on tut, fatique, cat, squat depth, frequency. Somebody out there must have found a way to bulk up skinny ass pins?

i’m in the same boat…but since i have been reading t-mag…they have been growing.

Bill, Just wondering where you were located? You share my grandfathers name. Curious if we are relatives.

You’ll probably laugh at what I am going to suggest: lunges. When I first got to college- I had bony little legs. I used to squat twice a week- and still didn’t see great results in quad development. Then, for whatever reason, I started lunging. I started lunging really heavy- 225 for reps, 275 for reps, 315 for reps- and my legs really started to blossom nicely. In fact- they became my dominant body part after about two years of lunging really heavy.

Also- check out any of the Ian King- "Limping into..." series. The exercises he prescribes will make you feel like a real pussy- but they are brutally effective.