Leg Proportions

Hey Thib,

I read your article about “exercise selection” regarding different body measurements.

You stated the following information regarding leg proportions:
Short tibia = 75-78% of femur (or less)
Average tibia = 79-84% of femur
Long tibia = 85%+ of femur

I always knew that I have a short tibia, but I measured in at 67%, so its really short compared to my femur. I know that having long tibia has many advanatges in running. Are there any exercises or sports where you have an advantage with short tibia?

Best regards from germany

“Advantage”? Not sure. Maybe something like gymnastics or wrestling

I’d bet your deadlift is strong relative to your squat and that your ideal squat technique is low bar with a significant forward lean.

I think many cyclists have relatively long femurs. If you’re explosive, you probably have good mechanics for horizontal jumping events: long jump and triple jump.