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Leg Problem


Hiya, I am wondering if any one out ther can give ideas where my problem with my leg might be coming from, and how to make it stop hurting. I have not been lifting yet, but I would like to set up a program and start.
Left leg hurts on the outside of the knee, tight hamstring, very tight calf, and when i sit i get alot of pain in the gluteus medius (sp?. I have had trouble with this for a while now, Im not sure what is causing it, maybe my IT band, which i had problems with before. I dont see why this affects only this leg and not the other, maybe a muscle unbalance?
Any help is much appreciated.


maybe a limb length discrepency on the opposite side,AP plevis x-ray standing would tell you.
Of course you could try ART ,seems to be the thing
Dr. Tim