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Leg Problem After Back Hernia


Hi... got recovered from a lower back Hernia S4/S5, bulging disc..
The pain in the tendon looks like it's completely gone (i didn't had surgery, they wanted me to rest for about 8 weeks to see if it has gone itself) and it did..
The only thing that left is that from time to time i have still some pain shooting through the left leg, the power in my left leg is almost back, i only have a slight difference left on that part..

Any thoughts about rehab that last parT? want to go heavy and seriuos on the legs again..


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To echo BBB, what tendon are you referring to? And do you mean L4/L5 not S4/S5?


I meant the the part in my back, the disc which is there 4 steps from the tailbone.. (My english on this part isn't very well.. :frowning: )