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Leg Press?


Does the Leg press have a place in modern day workouts? I don't think I have seen it prescribed in any sample workout or article recently. I realize there is no substitute for the Squat/Dead/etc, and I am not looking for one. Just what is the verdict on the press?


The leg press is good to lean upon after a set of heavy squats or deads. it also serves as a lovely coat rack.


As far as pure bodybuilding results I think the leg press is a decent way to train legs. Granted it will never replace squats because it is a machine but it has a place. Its just another way to breakdown muscle tissue and build it back up. Despite the bad rap it gets for being a "lazy" exercise, I have seen a lot of guys build some pretty big legs with it. I personally wouldnt use it because it causes pain in my lower back but if that isnt an issue than feel free to work it in every once in a while as a replacement for squats.


Total coat rack. I imagine it may have some sort of specific purpose, but other than hurting your knees, your back, and contributing to pattern overload, I wouldn't know what that is.


Did you know that there is evidence to suggest the leg press can result in greater hypertrophy in the quadriceps than the Squat and greater release of GH ?

Thought not.

P.S. Don't get blinded by Science I don't do Leg Press either.


Hell yes it does! Great machine, great movement, great exercise.

Many ppl for varied reasons aren't capable of squatting. The leg press gives us a far safer way to overload their leg muscles.

But I wouldn't suggest it is superior to free weight movements. But on it's own there's nothing wrong with it.

And may I ask, pattern overload? What the?


to lessen low back pain try using one leg AND more importantly make sure you have the seat at the back tilted down.ie more room and less lumbar flexion in the deep ROM..


Occasionaly I have used the Leg Press over the years lifted for 38yrs not bad for a change of pace and Waterbury does use it in a few of his plans because of the hypertrophy


I to believe it is a great change of pace. Also, when you start reping out a higher weight on you back I feel that is good to not have that pressure on your back for a couple of weeks anyway to help the CNS to recover.


I've never used it, but I know the rowers at my uni. train on it. I suppose it mimics the leg movement in rowing better than squats.


I think it is an effective tool. Assuming you work your legs three times a weak I see nothing wrong with one day being squats, the other deadlifts, and the third leg press.


unlikely - if you want to recreate, close feet close grip deads from a platform are good, but few people use heavy weights to recreate the motion. they aren't often used in rowing, and when they are it's to built base strength and mass - the best specific exercise is well, rowin. i've seen way too many even very high level rowers who don't squat simply because they don't know how.

either way, the leg press is miles from the rowing stroke.


Today's training tip comes from Chad Waterbury:

The Leg Press Load

GPP training doesn't have to be complicated. Here's an exercise that'll challenge virtually every muscle group in the body. Go to the leg press machine and load it up with twenty 45-pound plates. Don't do a single leg press! Remove the plates and rack them. Repeat the process nine more times with three to four minute rest periods between each load/unload task. Perform three times per week and you'll be a stud.