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Leg Press ROM


I personally try to do full range of motion while doing this.
I go down as much as I can and there is like 3 inches more for the machine to go down( which is physically impossible for me)
So me having really weak legs regularly go up to 6plates on this but see people putting twice that amount and doing very little ROM.
Is this just like quarter squat VS full-squat kind of thing or is there any reasoning behind this?


I go as far down as possible, so long as my ass isn't coming off the seat. That's usually how I judge it. While I don't think reduced ROM with higher loads is always a bad thing, I try to keep my form tight, because I'm only doing them for my widowmaker set.


Do those guys have bigger legs than you?

Is that their primary mass builder for their quads?

Is the leg press your primary quad builder?

Bodybuilding is different than training for moving the most weight possible.


I go from about lockout to when my knee forms a 90 degree angle, I used to go deeper but I can't hold myself down in the seat and brace me knees at the same time. And once I go past 90 my ass slides right up.

Granted, I'm only doing 6-7 plates per side as well.


once your ass leaves the back rest, you know you're rounding your lower back. That in itself is NOT worth an extra plate or 2 on each side.

My legs grow pretty well with just 4 plates each side. Full ROM 9 - 15 reps...and I'm 160lbs. So to most, that's pretty "weak".


Do what make your legs grow better


We've all been there, just keep eating & training.


While the 'real work' of my leg sessions is from the front squats (which I feel a little more in my quads), I routinely make use of the leg press, albeit in an effort to target my outer sweep, I place my feet low on the platform, keep them together, and focus on more of a limited ROM (when I bring it all the way down, I feel my hams and glutes starting to assist). I wouldn't suggest doing such a limited ROM as a complete leg builder, but you can tailor your results with adjustments to your training pretty easily.



Thanks everyone


Agree 100%. I used to do a wider foot placement and come down deep. It ended up being more of an ass and hamstring exercise which I was already hitting with back squats. Bringing my feet closer together helps target my quads (which need it). There is a vid on the Levrone thread that shows a leg press setup that works for me.


Bring the legs down till they touch your chest/or stomach if you have a belly on you or until your ass is just about to come off the seat.

For me at least I get the best gains off Leg presses that way.


I lower untill my thighs nearly touch my chest but I find when I'm lifting reasonably heavy (4 plates a side) I really have to pull myself into the seat to stop my ass from coming up and lower back rounding.
I think you can keep the fucus on the quads pretty easily just by using a shoulder width setup not too high on the plate and initiating the movement fucussing on leg extension rather than just trying to heave the weight which will use more glutes. I only use leg press every second week or so as my last leg exercise though so you guys might find it different.
Because I dont put my feet high on the plate when trying to hit the quads more, I can't always go quite as low because I end up pushing of my toes and doing heaps of the work with my calves. Any thoughts?


My thoughts are simply that too many trainers don't stop and think "now where do I feel the stress when I do the exercise 'this' way?" If you're feeling it in your hams or calves, and it's not where you want it, make adjustments. It really is that simple -lol.