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Leg-Press Relation to Squats


I got surgery on my shoulder and therefor havent squated for a wile. So i have dedicated myself to the Leg-press machine....im 16 and im getting a workout thats right about 5 sets of 8 at 630 after warming up.

What im wondering is, what can i do over the next 5 weeks(thats when i can squat again) to help me squat as much as possible so when im back my squat is at least were it was befor (4 sets of 10 at 220)? what excersises can i do without stressing my right shoulder to get my squat up without doing it, and how do my stats on the Leg-press relate to my squat if they do at all?

thanks guys.


First and formost--220? Throw 2 wheels on there, quit fartin around with all the garnish.

Second. Don't sweat it or think about it. Anything 'lost' will be back in 2-4 weeks. In fact I would stress to you to come back slower than you can actually lift. Take the full 4 weeks to ease back to where you were pre-injury.

Use this time to do different things. Go for walks. Put time into planning a new workout for when you come back. Shoulders are nothing to mess with. My only advice to you is to go very slowly and ease into everything.


Ive found that doin plyo's increases my squat, and overall leg strength.

That also works vice-versa.

So get to work.


ya i know 220 pretty imbarassing, but i was just starting to love squats and hadnt really had much time under the bar, hence want to get a good start as soon as possible...


4 sets of 10 at 220
what kind or weights are you using?
olympic? the bar and 4 45lb plates is 225

and are those ATG(ass to grass) squats?

at 145 you need to hit 6's or triples.

try 8x3 for strength
6x6 for strength + hypertrophy

your hitting 40 reps, are they full reps?

at 145lbs, you might wanna try dropping those reps. I weigh 175-200 depending on my bulking/cutting cycle and I'm still on 6's, I think anything over 6 reps is a waste for a newbie

I know Chad Waterbury has a rep volume he keeps people in for max strength, hypertrophy, cutting...etc

you might wanna stay in 24-36 total reps with ATG squats

he uses 5x5 for the cutting I believe

anyways, I would deadlift until you start squatting again. If you can't do that, try reverse hypers or glute/ham raises.

my $.02


Ya know, they do make plates in different sizes (other than 45lbs) that could be put together to make 220lbs. I don't think you need to tell the kid how much he was lifting.

Oh, and bravo for telling the kid who is rehabbing from shoulder surgery to deadlift.

I do however agree with your recommendation of glute/ham raises and reverse hypers in addition to the leg pressing he is already doing.


Shit, I deadlifted before with a shoulder injury, i just couldn't press anything....and by the way it was just a suggestion, i said "if he could" do it

he didn't even mention what kind of shoulder injury he had.

I was just wondering why 220? why not just do 225. that's why I asked what kind of weights he had.

i'm gettin' to old for this


Two suggestions:

  1. Do "free squats" (squats with no weight). You must obviously do high repetitions it achieve any sort of a workout. But this will at least keep you fresh with the motion.

  2. Get a "Squat Hip Belt." I think Dave Tate sells them at Elite. You can then squat with weight and leave your shoulders out of the equation.

Good Luck,



Befor i got orthoscopic surgery to repair my labrum, i was just starting to get into squats and 220 was a throw around number....the day befor surgery i took a 1rm for fun and got 275... a squat being knees bent at a 90degree angle..... ya all iv been doing is Leg-press, glute ham and various single leg things. Is there any way to make the Glute-ham harder without holding weight in my arms because that doesnt really work with the shoulder... Iv tried using one leg at a time, doing super slow reps, fast reps with low splits and its all getting pretty easy...any ideas that dont cost money like a weight vest?


If your doing them correctly, you don't need any weight.

Most people can't do 2.

The most I've ever heard anybody do is sets of 10 with a 45lb plate.


You're doing single leg glut ham raises and it's easy, yet you only squat 275? First off are you actually doing glute ham raises? Are you doing them correctly? If you were you could jack up the back of the machine to make them more difficult.


One word, goodmornings. Hypers waste of time, if you have acess to good glute ham raise go for it.


Leg press, it's not THAT terrible
Lunges (walking or static, barbell or dumbbells)
Bulgarian split squats
Front squats (if the bum shoulder lets ya)
Zercher squats
Hack squats (bar behind you, start from ground or power rack)
Glute-ham raises, like some people said
Glute presses on machine
Good mornings (if you can)
Deadlifts (if you can)


Learn better balance and squat with one hand or no hands.


Don't let anyone rag on the leg press too much, it's great for hypertrophy.

I don't know so much about strength but I'm pretty sure it's helped me add some size. I do them at the end of my leg workouts which normally include very heavy squats and deadlifts or variations of them.

I keep the reps at 10 or above with the weight as heavy as I can do.


Don't listen to this guy.

A 16 year old that weighs 145 pounds should not be pressured to step under the bar at 315 until he is ready.

If you just had shoulder surgery deadlifts may be a bad idea.

5 weeks of leg pressing and bodyweight squatting will be excellent.

Don't worry about it and take care of that shoulder.

You want to be in this game for the long haul. Don't let an injury at age 16 compound into something worse by following bad advice.


get the fuck outta here Zap, keep trolling as you usually do and waste more time.

Hell after surgery, its dangerous to get out of your bed and take a dump. you only do what you can do. Hell, he may not be ready to do anything. do what you can when your ready. Hell start by taking a walk. Then work up to planting heavy weight on your repaired shoulder.

you trolls are useless. Look at the amout of posts you guys have with flames compared to posts with information on a thread topic.

Once again, I repeat myself. do deadlifts if you can. If you cant do that, then do glute/ham raises.

If you can't do that, try leg extensions.

If you can't do that. Try walking.

If you can't do that. Try resting because you are not ready to put hundreds of pounds on your newly repaired shoulders.

I'm gettin' too old for this.
for the following post flamer, find me in a chest thread, i'll be there if your trolling me today looking to flame me. I'm done with this one.



instead of asking why your squat is so low I'll answer your question

I could LP 630lbs for 4 reps when I was 185 and could squat 300 ATG for 1 rep,so that's almost a 2:1 ratio

but don't rush back into anything,I've torn my miniscus(sp) 4 times now without gettin the surgery done and they said I'd get arthritis(which i now have in that knee,btw I'm 17)and each time I strain it too much it takes 2-6 days for me to walk good again.So heal up nice and good before you start lifting again


Stop giving stupid advice as if you know what you are talking about.

You have posted enough here to prove you greatly exaggerate or downright lie about yourself.

Telling a kid to deadlift right after shoulder surgery is moronic.

Telling him he needs to squat 315 at his age and size is stupid. He will squat it and more when he is ready. That day is not today but if he allows himself to recover from surgery that day will come.


I will stop giving advice whenever i stop recieving daily PM's on training.

What are your PM's on, new insults?

T-Nation would be a different atmosphere if we all knew who we were. Alot less of these internet bashers and slimeslingers.


Being a pitcher and having had shoulder problems the best thing is to let it rest and work back into using that shoulder again. Also I would not do anything that would involve pressure on your shoulders. I found the only way to get your squat up is to squat so let that shoulder heal. If your doctors gave you shoulder exercises thats all I would do for that shoulder.