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Leg Press Question


right now im doing leg press because i feel my back squat form is insufficient and i need to research more about it and make some adjustments before i start up again
normally i used to do it pretty close stanced where my quads would hit my chest at full decension, but i decided to make my stance a bit wider to hit my hams too, i follow the full ROM philosophy in squats, and on these my leg were passing the sides of my head rather then hitting my chest and i didnt know how far to go before i pushed back up so i felt i was being modest with it
should i stretch back my legs as far as they go?


So in the bottom of the leg press, you knees are basically beside your ears?
Either this is a joke, the leg press machine is a bit fucked up, or your legs are far too wide.
The only way to improve you’re squat is by practising. Watch videos, read books, and most importantly just do it. You can start off light to get used to the motion.

Get off the leg press machine and into the squat rack, and do it sooner rather than later.


Do you have really long legs and a short torso? Something does not seem right with the description you gave. Are you able to do the “third world squat” with ease?

WHEN I do leg press, which is rarely, I keep my legs just wider than shoulder width, toes slightly pointed.

I like using a hack squat machine much more than the leg press.