Leg Press Pain

I’ve seen lots of leg press pain threads, but mine seems different. It doesn’t seem like a busted rib, at least not one that would hurt my breathing.

What happens is when I press, I go deep enough that the top of my legs hit the bottom part of the side of my rib cage. As far as I know, my form is good. I have a wide stance, toes pointed out slightly, hips don’t curl, knees don’t go much past 45 degrees. It’s just that the left side of my rib cage is getting crushed at the bottom of each rep. It’s those little bones hanging off the side of the cage. They feel like they’re bruised. I’m hoping it’s a little bruising since I don’t give a fuck about that, and would probably get better as I get leaner…I’m a little overweight right now with my 40" jeans. I want to think it’s my weight since I’ve done leg presses like this for years (5?), and usually for more weight/sets/reps, but I was always much thinner.

What’d you do if this was happening to you?

When I place my feet high on the platform, I tend to get a longer hip extension (meaning my knees hit my chest). I’m also stronger this way as I think most trainers are. If I put my feet lower on the platform I get a better knee extension (feel more quads and less hams) and then my knees do not come back to my torso.

You might want to consider placing your feet lower on the platform. This can be difficult if you don’t have lifting shoes or ankle flexibility. You will get more of a quad pump and you wont have the problem of your ribs being compressed by your knees.