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Leg Press Instead of Squats

So ive been doing EDT and yesterday i tried to do front box squats.

Now normally i NEVER do leg press, but for EDT purposes without a spotter I was thinking of switching.

For legs, my program will consist of:

Leg press
1-leg squats
DB Snatch
and maybe deadlift

What do you guys think?


Unless you have some kind of disability or injury that prevents you from squatting, the leg press 100% worthless.

Instead of doing back squats, you could do front squats, which make it very easy to dump the bar if you miss a rep.


Front Box Squats?

since when did everyone become to good for normal squats?


What's so hard about dumping the bar on a back squat?


Almost everyone can back squat a lot more than they can GM.


That's a big call.

People with long legs and torso's benefit more from Leg pressing than they do from squats if the immediate purpose is purely to concentrate on the quadriceps and partially the hamstrings.

I do believe coaches on this site have said that too.


I still don't understand.


If something weighs more, it goes to the ground more easily. Gravity.


Seriously, I've been thinking this a while too.


I believe Galileo tested something about this.


I only use the leg press because my teacher won't let us squat yet...but most of my weightlifting class are new to lifting and he doesn't want them to hurt themselves...get them introduced to the concept of lifting first. Honestly thought I'd stick with real squats, the squat rack we have is set up in a way so that if you get pinned you can back up a bit and put the bar on some pegs.

dumb question: what does GM stand for?


good morning


In a back squat, if you get stuck in the hole, you have to do a GM in order to fall backward instead of forward. If you're squatting more than you can GM, you're screwed.

I'm not saying front squats are better than back squats--I'm saying that front squats are safer than back squats when you don't have a spotter (or you're not in a power rack) and infinitely better than leg presses, which are worthless.


Leg presses aren't worthless.


come on now...nothing is worthless...everything has a place at some point...even the smith machine, and even the leg press...while i agree you should use the squat as your main lift as long as you don't have some sorta issue that prevents you from squatting...but even if you do you should be working on getting that corrected...but leg pressing everyonce and a while isn't gonna hurt...


If you're training for hypertrophy there is nothing wrong with leg press for quad mass.


I agree with the last three posters. Obviously the squat means greater total MU recruitment, but if your goal is hypertrophy then why should you not be allowed to change the movement pattern and as an added bonus, use huge weight in order to blast those muscles? The leg press machine is designed for implementing the biomechanical principle of Accentuation. Naturally there's a great deal of evidence to support the fact that the machine does what it's designed to do properly.

Everyone acts like they're a powerlifter on this site... But if you care about how you look above all else, then who are you trying to fool? The leg press is tremendous for packing muscle onto the quads - I mean can you really deny that?


if the leg press is good enough for Ronnie Coleman then I fail to see how you can say it is 100% worthless - I use it for pre-exhaustion before squatting and find it really works for me.


Leg press, hack squat machine, lunges, and Dl + iso leg work on machines isn't bad if you have some sort of back problem when sqating.


I think im gonna go with leg press for a while. Im new to EDT and although my front squat form is decent, once i fatigue, it starts to go.

Im training legs mainly with a 3-6 RM using

DB snatch
1-leg squats
High pulls
and now LEG PRESS