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Leg Press & Hypertrophy

Hello guys👋

Just want to ask, specifically if we want to choose one machine for quad hypertrophy, would the leg press do the job ?
Leg extention is really uncomfortable for me and I’m tired of forcing the reps, I’m using bodyweight to target quads, but what I really want to know is if leg press and this alone would serve the best for my purpose, maximum hupertrophy. I’m thinking of doing leg press for quads as, because currently I’m focusing on other lifts, not load up the squat, its starting to create a lot of stress that I’m missing things, and I just want to find something almost equal to squat to reeally destroy quads.
What’s your best use or workout program (sets, reps, stance etc) you are doing as far as we’re talking about press and you’ve seen gains?

Leg press is fine. You probably want a little variety in there though as the legs are reasonably complex and novel stimulus is going to keep progress ticking along (two or three different leg movements per training block and switching one movement for another across blocks is a good strategy).

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Leg press is my favorite leg exercise. It built up my quads tremendously especially the outer sweep; they became one of my best body parts and I don’t do back squat and rarely ever do front squat.

My rep range is 6-15. Probably 8-10 reps on average for heavy working set. I don’t wanna go to below 6 because it is unnecessary for hypertrophy and the risk of knee injury is higher.

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