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Leg Press for Home Gym


Wasn’t sure where to post this, so sorry if it’s the wrong spot.

I want to add a leg press to my somewhat small home gym space. Was looking at:

…and wondering if anybody has any experience with this, something like this… or if there’s something better out there.

I looked at vertical leg press machines, too, but they seem really awkward to use. I can find actual leg press machines on Craigslist, but they take up more room than I’m willing to sacrifice.



The weight capacity is only 300lbs! I really wouldn’t.


Oh!! Didn’t see that. Thanks!!! That sure would have been disappointing.


I would not get a a vertical one ever. I got stuck in one once. They gym issue in the UK seems to be 250kg.
I wouldn’ t knock the leg press either Usain Bolt uses them.


First off, this shouldn’t be under conditioning but you already know that. Second off, assuming that you’re using the leg press to develop your legs, are you also squatting or nah?


If you are 6ft tall or weigh 200 plus pounds vertical leg press akward, i use the leg press but i am picky as some angles are akward.


Thanks all.
Is there a forum to discuss equipment? I didn’t see one… Sorry about that.
I do squat. Love squat. Sometimes I just want to do something more directed on my quads only. Some days I feel like my quads could handle more, but the rest of my body (and mind) cannot do it. Amy other suggestions?
And I am 6’3", 200lbs. I laid on my back and couldn’t even imagine doing a vertical press.


Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself.
This always looked like a good way to die to me :joy: