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Leg Press Alternatives for Assistance?


hey guys, so i use all the basics in main lifts and assitance lifts.....i was thinking that full rom leg press trains the glutes in a unique ROM. I mean not many exercises stretch the glutes to that degree...what are atlernatives to the leg press.....High box step ups?? any ideas??
and please i dont want to hear squats or deads because i already do both with good depth and not on a smith machine....


One-legged box squats. It's also great for balance and just becoming more athletic overall.



i wouldnt really be able to do that...i have an ankle problem on my right side....sounds good tho. :wink:


I forget who it is...maybe Brad Gillingham? not sure, but there's at least one noteable powerlifter who uses the leg press. The only downside that I can think of is the amount of pressure that is put on your lower back because of the position. I don't think it's a bad thing to throw in every once in awhile.


but i dont have access to one :confused:


Pressure on the lower back? Are you letting your pelvis tilt the wrong way at the bottom to get more ROM? Or do you simply mean the way it's pressed into the seat under heavy loads?


Are your glutes a weak area/don't fire correctly?

(edit: meant for the OP)


sorry Antonio, I kind of skimmed what you wrote and didn't realize you didn't have access to a leg press. I have seen some crazy bastards lie on their back in the smith machine and use it like a leg press.

I don't think the leg press really gives me the glute stretch that say a stiff legged deadlift does...have you tried those? off of boxes etc? There are many variants of squats and deadlifts that can be done that are far superior to the leg press (IMO).

Front squats, zercher squats, get your hands on a manta ray for cheap and that's another variant.
If you've got a power rack you can do concentric squats. Various GM's, seated, standing, arched back.



You dont NEED a leg press. Front squats, lunges and so on are all viable alternatives.


the problem is that i find that i find it very hard at the bottom of the leg press.....and alot of people can lift more than me during the leg press which i find strange because i out squat them...i just dont really like any weaknesses....atm i train at home, i have a cage bars,weights,bench,box and dumbells basically




Leg press is not my first thought for strengthening the glutes. I'd go to low box squats, cable or band pull throughs, light squat weight where I bounce in the bottom of the whole in a controlled way, wide stance bent knee gms, or kneeling squats. My favorite is wide stance gms with the bent knees. I go moderately heavy to heavy on this on. I focus hard on pushing my hips out on the GM.


Are we not giving unilateral work any love here? Bulgarian Split Squats with the front leg elevated is the first thing that comes to mind for me.


Leg Press is a huge part of many Russian IPF lifters training


of course Bulgarian split squats rule...but as i mentioned earlier i have an ankle disabiilty which would turn the exercise into a balance exercise rather than a strgth exercise


Certain Leg Press machines seem to distribute the load throughout my entire back and others seem to concentrate it down low. I am un-certain what the difference is. I currently have a membership at two gyms, one has a station that I can easily work-up to over 800, the other machine I never go over 600.

To the O.P.- If you are squatting and deadlifting with sufficient volume & intensity are you sure you need more glute work?


i tend to find that squats and deadlifts hit my back and hams most...