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Leg Press Alternative?


im on mi40 program? but i dont have a seated leg curl machine and a leg press machine on my gym,, any alternative can u suggest? has anyone here done with mi40


You could try dip belt squats for quads and Russian leg curls for hams ... Just a thought




Well what quads exercises are in the plan? That is something we need to know or we might end up giving you stuff that you already have to do... Also what type of equipment is at your gym?


Smith machine squats with your feet out in front of you. Takes a lot of the stabilization needs and back out of the movement kind of like a leg press while hitting your quads pretty hard kind of like a leg press.

Hack squat machine isn't bad. If you have the mobility and don't have a large ass, barbell hack squats could be good too.

Truth is that there isn't anything like a leg press besides a leg press but there are a lot of exercises that focus on the quads.


Don't ham curl machine?
GHR's or lay on a bench, hold a dumbbell between your feet and do a ham curl.
Dont have a dumbbell?
Lay on a bench, use the strap attachment (or make one) and do hammie curls.
Don't have a bench?
Stand up and use the cable attachment.
Don't have a cable station either?
Just give up lifting and become a Starbucks barista


No leg press?
Squats, front squats, belt squats, smith machine squats, lunges, split squats.
Or you could lay on he ground under the smith machine bar and press it up with your legs like a ghetto leg press.
No smith machine?
Just use a regular barbell.

If you just use a regular barbell please record it and leave a note next to the camera stating that is your last wish that in case (when) something goes horrible wrong that this video is uploaded to this site.




Please please don't do this.


/End thread


Leg Extension
Hack Squat* (intention)
Leg Press* (intention)

this is the set up,,


I am guessing that is just for your quads... I would just add squats to your workout that is the best workout for your legs anyways... As far as the hack squat you can do smith machine hack squats or barbell hacksquats...

So basically you would be doing Squat, hack squat, lunge, leg Ext... I know you had Leg Ext first but I would do it last...


but what if this is the program
1 Back Squats - Medium Stance
2 Back Squats - Wide Stance
3 Leg Press - Low Foot Position
4 Alternating Plyometric Lunges

the number 3 is a problem because 1 and 2 is a squat


From a loading standpoint, isn't #3 pretty similar to a squat but with your toes (not heels) on plates?

I'm asking a question, not suggesting you do that. I was just thinking the movement pattern would be pretty close.


Ad you can't leg press? I'd just do hack squat on smith if you can, if not that them the barbell hack squat. Or if that is to much just do Leg Ext for #3


my other problem this one is for hamstrings
1 Seated Leg Curl
2 Leg Press* (intention)
*Note: Feet wide and high
3 Lying Leg Curl
i have no machine on 1 and 2,, but 1 is my real problem


Seated band leg curls.


can u link some videos tnx


I used to do wall squats holding an olympic plate and wearing weight vest.

Lunges are the answer more so than leg extensions.


my other problem this one is for hamstrings
1 Seated Leg Curl
2 Leg Press* (intention)
*Note: Feet wide and high
3 Lying Leg Curl
i have no machine on 1 and 2,, but 1 is my real problem