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Leg Pains Worth Getting Checked Out?

Honestly not sure where to put this, but it’s getting to the point I feel I should give it some attention. Don’t feel like booking my PCP just yet either - they just like blaming everything on TRT lately.

I started TRT in June 2019, and I’d say some time (months?) later, I started getting this leg pain, mostly in the calves. It’s when I’m using them, but like climbing stairs and sometimes even going for a walk has started getting annoyingly painful.

I quit nicotine almost 2 months ago, and that helped a LOT, but it’s still there, and hasn’t improved at all in weeks. It happens whether I’ve had a leg or running day or not, and even after a 2 week break from the gym. Under more stress (like running on the street not in running shoes), it starts getting pretty damn painful.

I have gained some weight on TRT. Right before TRT, I dropped about 10lbs (muscle too) from being sick and spending a week in Paris eating Paris sized meals. So I went from about 155 to 145, and then up to 160 about 1-2 months after starting TRT. I’ve been as high as 170 since, but am closer to 165 now.

This something I should be concerned about? It’s sure as hell getting annoying as far as my lifestyle is concerned. Even just carrying groceries in now I feel like putting my legs up and taking a rest. Wtf!

Are your legs swollen? Have you looked into symptoms of DVT? Can’t think of any other thing that would cause this besides pumps. How is your sodium intake? If it’s too low it could cause cramping. I consume 6-7 grams of sodium a day

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Are you using an AI, such as Arimidex/Anastrozole?

Your symptoms could easily be cause any nicotine withdrawal and it can cause a number of mental symptoms as well. The weight gain is common in people who quit nicotine and it can even cause ED.

The last week, Cronometer says I’ve been averaging about 4k mg of sodium. I don’t feel I skimp on sodium in my diet although I seldom add salt.

I did read about DVT a little, not really noticing any swelling. I do get a mark from my socks for a bit, but that’s it.

Nope! Literally threw mine in the trash a while back.

Good choice!

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I have been a little more careful about my diet since quitting nicotine. To put my use in perspective, it was probably less than a year, on and off. Enough to cause withdrawal and some weight gain, but not like years of chain smoking either.

ED from quitting nicotine? How so?

Beat your legs! Work them out and have a reason for the pain!


What do you think I’ve been doing for months lol

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That explains the pain! Enjoy it!!!

Look over the following, and contact your PCP if you think it captures your signs/symptoms:

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Whether it’s anything this severe or not, might just book 30 min with my PCP to make sure something’s not drastically wrong. About time for a physical anyways!

I used to get constant calf pain, was worried about DVT etc so got a mri and also xrays done and they couldn’t see anything wrong with it.
I ditched my AI and haven’t had the pain since so I wonder if it was due to the AI.

Do you use an aI?

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Where in the calf is it hurting? Lower or higher on the calf? Does seem more painful walking on an incline?

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Nope, haven’t in a while. And never really committed to it for long either.

I guess in the middle. Stopped and saw my PCP today, got a sports dr referral. And yea, stairs especially are the worst!

A few things have been cropping up lately, and the doc today suggested laying off the (inhaled) steroids a bit too.

Asthma? Or is he an idiot?

I was asking because my wife has pain up by the pit of her knee. She works at the hospital and asked a PA about and told her it was from overuse pissing it off. She does a lot of cardio walking up hills and on the elliptical she spends a lot on her toes rather than flat footed. Told her old running shoes were probably a big thing contributing to the pissed off muscle. When you said running without running shoes made me think it could be somewhat similar.

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Asthma. But I’ve made it 34 years without an inhaled steroid just fine. I have enjoyed not having to worry about asthma though.

And interesting point, I’m hoping it doesn’t need more rest! Honestly this is the least I think I’ve used my legs, especially when I took a couple weeks off of the gym. We’ll see what the orthopedist says though.