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Leg Pain


I have a leg pain in this part of leg

This pain is really annoying and it occurs
when I rotate my leg. It isn’t strong pain. What to do to make it stop? Is it caused becaus of leg muscles inbalances?
I also had a pain in my hamstring and glutes but I fixed it with recovery and hamstring an glutes exercises.

how did it happen?

First my hamstring and glutes started to hurt after heavy DB Bulgarian Split squats. But now I don’t feel pain in hamstring anymore (i feel very rarely) instead of this I have a pain in the spot marked on the picture. Like I said pain isn’t strong.

Oh and it also hurts me when I’m running (when I’m running I also feel mild pain in the hamstring.

DO you do any stretching?

It could be tightness of your hip flexors (front hip) and adductors (inside leg).

It’s hard to know though. Just play with some stretches and see if one point feels much tighter than others. Then nice and easily lean into it and see if it resolves.

Other than that, a physio is what you need.

Were you going very heavy on the bulgarians? I notice that going too heavy on split squats, lunges, etc… Seems to put alot more stress on the glutes, hamstrings and adductors, you most likely strained an adductor (gracilis?) you should make sure when doing these exercises that your quads have complete control and you dont noticeable have to rely on the hipextensors to complete the movement.