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Leg Pain from Squats?

Hey fellas maybe you can help me out on this. My right outside of my left calve (right below the knee cap and closer to my back side than front side of my body) has been giving me some pain.

I don’t know if it is from doing ass to grass squats or not, but this exercise has seemed to irate it - which is why I am just going to be preforming parallel squats for the time being to see if it resolves this is.

Now here is my question. Have any of you experienced this type of pain in this location and/or heard about this? If so, what do you recommend I do?


Can’t say that I’ve heard or seen this. You describe the area near where one may find the insertion of the bicep femoris (outer hammy) or the popliteus. I’ve only seen popliteus issues in distance runners.

Sorry for the no help.

it is on my calve though. listed it wrong on the title

iliotibial band issue?

Never heard of a calf problem with squatting, therefore I would definitely recommend seeing a doctor.

There are always those obscure problems that should not be overlooked such as deep vein thrombosis, an adherent nerve root or it could be from popliteal artery/ common peroneal nerve entrapment.

I used to get something similar to this when I was squatting 3x a week and running. It was an intense pain that seemed to come from the BONE in the side of my leg. Once I started squatting/running less, it went away.

I think I had the same pain as you, except I had it on BOTH legs and it was ridiculous. I got this pain when I was squatting 4x a week on Smolov and really beating up my legs. I assumed that my calves just couldn’t take the stress anymore and started giving up.

Here is the thread I started a while ago, follow the advice there: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_strength/odd_calf_pain_when_squatting

Once I painfully finished Smolov, I focused more my Olympic lifting and lessened the frequency of back squatting which alleviated the pain eventually.

Ice/sports cream helps too.