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Leg Only Training


This has probably been brought up a few times already and I asked this question a fair while back too.
Has anyone here done any leg-only training?
I watched this little doco (about 5 mins long) the other night about this cyclist - http://c0953272.cdn.cloudfiles.rackspacecloud.com/vtr32ojxuw_100000.flv - and they talk about only training the muscles necessary for his sport. This guy's upper body is tiny, no biceps, no chest etc but his legs are awesome.
I understand this guy is a pro athlete but would it be wise for the average person to train lower body everyday? also, he is seen in this doco doing pull ups or cleans or whatever so he is getting some upper work but nothing directly.


What is the motivation for this question? Are you training to be a cyclist?


You said yourself his upper body was shit, so why would you even consider doing something like this? Not to mention the strain on your knees from working out legs everyday, I get knee pain if I work them out twice a week for too long.


I don't know. CT said in his powerlifting days, they'd do some type of lower body training everyday. Now, with the prowler, you can do eccentric-less training, too. I suppose it is possible- just watch your volume and recovery capability.


My body is top heavy so I'm only interested in lower body development, I'm built like a golf tee lol.

I was just wondering if anyone has done any lower body only training and how they went with it.


I have only been training lowerbody for 3 1/2 months now. Got a blood clot in my shoulder, so I haven't been able to train my upper body except my abs. I have surgery in a couple weeks. My split currently is
Day 1: Calves/tibialis anterior
Day 2: Quads/Adductors
Day 3: Hamstring/glutes

Depending on how the muscle feels, I try to give a 3 day rest until I hit the same muscle again. I train my abs everyday and couple 30-40 min runs each week.