Leg mass

I am looking to put a lot of size in my legs and ass. I know Ian Kings program is supposed to be great, but it requires working legs twice a week. Because of my school/work schedule, I can only work out 3 days a week, 4 tops. Would it be better to do Ian’s plan, but only do 1/2 his workout per week(alternating weeks for exercises) or would it better to divise a different program. If I should make a different plan, does anybody have any routines that put on a lot of size for them…?

Get ready to grow, this programm put on about an 1.5" on my legs in a month.
Sumo Deadlift
leg press
leg curls (have someone push your heels to you but)
leg extension

make sure you eat at least 1.5 gm of protein/lbs.

I know how you feel, buddy. I’m a Sr. in college who has worked since Freshman year. A 4 day plan works great. This is easy to figure out, so I’ll put down a 3 day plan, instead. Workout M-TU-F. This will give you enough time to heal. Do lower body on Monday. Then do upper body on Tuesday. Rest Wednesday and Thursday. Friday do a full body workout. This should be a 125-150% volume workout. That means, do about 2/3 the number of sets you do for chest PLUS 2/3 the number of sets you do for legs. Yeah, this will go over the one hour “time limit.” Remember, bro, that’s only a RULE. If you train smart, you can break a few. Please remember, if leg mass if your goal, you need to priortize. On Friday, do lower body first. I would advise against supersetting lower body with upper body since you’re training primiarly for a leg effect. Make any sense?

You might look into Bill Starr’s programs. He is/was a strength coach at John’s Hopkins. His approach is done 3x/week, squatting every session on a heavy/light/med. approach and focuses on basics such as deads, good mornings, etc. One of the best if you’re limited in time and want to focus on legs. His book is called The Strongest Shall Survive. Probably the best for strength and mass, but King’s program is a killer too

Hello JDee. I have had good success on a 3 day a week, M-W-F schedule by simply alternating upper and lower body for each workout. I’m 39 and the extra rest (3.5 days on average) seems just right.
Be sure to include squats, deadlifts, good mornings, leg curls, and take care to balance quad and ham development. Single leg lunges with a dumbbell are also excellent to alternate with squats. Good luck - Nylo

I would follow Ian’s principle of bodypart prioritization and do his regular leg work out. On one of the three days, do upper body work to maintain. This is similar to his Great Guns workout where you work arms two days a week and use the remaining two days to maintain both upper body and legs. I have found that if you are just maintaining, one day is plenty for the entire upper body.

I’ve followed a three-day plan many different times. I’ve actually had my best gains following a plan like that. I’ll either go Mon, Wed, Fri or Mon, Tues, and Thur depending on my schedule.

I’ll do upper body on the first and third days and lower body on the second day. I had awesome results doing squats, lunges and leg presses all in the same day. My legs and ass got huge! I also did stiff-legged deadlifts and leg curls.

You can devise a leg day similar to this based on how much time you have and what your priorities are. You can also take a little bit from both of Ian’s leg programs and put them together on one day.

Ian has even suggested doing the Quad dominant workout one week and alternate it with the Hip dominant workout the next. So that’s another option.

There are so many different ways to plan your one leg training day. You should probably do something for three to four weeks, and then switch it with other exercises and or sets/reps/tempo, etc. Hope that helps!

If you’re really pressed for time, I’d use the 20 rep, breathing squat. It’s something you can use for three or four weeks. Ian King outlined his version of the workout. He said he use it during his earlier days and gives it a thumbs-up. Use “Strossen” as a keyword in the T-Mag search engine.