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Leg Lifts for GF

I just got my girlfriend to start lifting about a month ago. I have her doing deadlifts and she absolutely loves them. The problem is, she broke her back a few years ago (lower lumbar, unsure of which vertebrae) and she also has some hip problems. I am looking for suggestions as to some other lower body lifts that she can do.
She is going to try squats this week, and I’m not saying anything to her, but I have a feeling that it is really going to bother her hips. Lunges are definetly out because of her hips, and I don’t really want to show her RDL’s or GM’s because of her back. It is kind of a tough situation because I don’t want to do anything to discourage her from lifting (back pain will definitely turn her away), especially considering how well she is doing with the dl’s.
Any suggestions for other lower body lifts would be very appreciated, especially something quad dominant, as well as some glute and ham lifts to supplement the dl’s.

consider hack squats on a machine as a alternative to free bar squats. You can do two versions , either back on the pad to focus on quads or chest to the pad where hamstrings and glutes come into play more. Having the upper body stabilized on a pad should help alleviate discomfort in the back.