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Leg Length Disrepancy and Bulged Disc


Ok guys I was wondering if anybody has had a problem with leg lenth discrepancy and bulged disc. I have bulged my L4/L5 3mm and my L5/S1 3mm. The latar impinges the nerve root on the left which has caused numbness down my lateral part of my left foot as well as muscle wastage through the calf.

My left hip capsule, and hip flexor/rec femoris is tighter than the right side. My rehab has been loads of soft tissue work with hockey balls/foam rollers/mobility exercises/flexibilty on the hip flexors/glute/ITB coupled with activation work for the posterior chain with various plank exercises for the abs.

I measured my leg length from the ASIS to my heel and noticed that my left leg is 1-1.5 cm longer. However my left ASIS probably sits about 2-2.5 cm higher when standing. I have had a physical therapist suggest to wear a heel insert on my right side to counteract the disrepancy. However I am very cautious of doing this. What do others suggest? I am worried this discrapency may slow my rehab.



Hi there,
Years ago in my early 20â??s I threw out my back playing basketballâ?¦ pretty badâ?¦ I couldnâ??t move. While seeing all the doctors, one of them measure my legs and determined that my right leg was slightly longer than my leftâ?¦ donâ??t know the exact measurements. He gave a heel lift and Iâ??ve been using one ever since in my left foot. It feels pretty normal now when I use it nowâ?¦ but when I wear sneakers/shoes without itâ?¦ it feels pretty uneven/uncomfortableâ?¦ so I always wear it nowâ?¦
Anywayz, when I started lifting weights I hurt my back again and was diagnosed with a disc herniation on my L4-L5â?¦ Iâ??ve been treating my lower back for a year now and have read tons of literature on lower back pain. Iâ??m pretty sure that my problems with my lower back came from my bad posture and bad form when lifting. I have an anterior pelvic tilt that Iâ??ve develop over the years by sitting all day in my office and have been treating it to fix it. I am pain free now and I protect my back ALWAYS and I will continue to treat my APT until itâ??s all gone. Iâ??ve been wondering if my doctor did the right thing by putting me on a heel lift, Iâ??ve tried to not use it and it feels way too uncomfortable without itâ?¦ Iâ??m positive that my lower back problems did not derive from my heel lift or the discrepancy in my legs. It was my horrible posture and bad form when lifting that led to injury.
I just wanted to share my story with heel lifts and lower back problemsâ?¦
Maybe you should try the lift and see how it feels. But be 100% sure that you do have a discrepancy in leg lengthsâ?¦ Otherwise the lift will do more damage than good.
Good luck,



Thanks for sharing your story. Seeing a well respected sports doctor on tuesday. Will see what he has too say. I too have APT Naturally I am very lordotic. I find my erectors tend to be overactive and I need to loosen them off. I live to use 2 tennis balls taped together to loosen them off. This coupled with glute activation exercises and hip flexor mobility really helps APT.