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Leg/Knee Injury

In 2016 I was in an auto vs semi accident that killed me briefly. My left femur broke into 3 pieces with one being ejected from the car. The car looked like a car bomb went off. They had to try to put my let in a position before they did several surgeries. Ultimately, they got it CLOSE to normal. I still have mod pain above and left of the left knee (my perspective) and outside of center on left femur 1/2 way up.

SOOO, here’s the question.

I have pushed through some squats with some help, and I am at a point where the pain is too much to progress more. I am at 255 for 10 reps./9reps/6reps. I need something else that comes close that I can substitute some or all of my squats with. I know squats are king and there isn’t anything as good, but I need to do SOMETHING to keep gaining. I do leg ext/curl and those don’t bother me.

U reckon weight/intensity, total or parts of the range of motion or total workload that is most bothering you?

Are there any movements or other factors u notice u can tolerate well enough?

It does it regardless of load. even at 135. The intensity does increase though with load.