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Leg Injury in Muscle or Hip

the past couple months ive been back squatting every 3 days 4 sets of 4 reps. anyway… ive always felt during my squats that at the bottom of the squat when i try to stand up again that i use my right upper thigh more than my left.

so about 3 weeks ago it hurt a little. the next time i tried to workout it hurt a little during warmups and then even more during a heavier warm up. and i figured it would hurt a lot more during the actual sets so i decided not to do them. today i tried squatting again and while it didnt hurt as much it still is hurting.

to be exact im not sure if its the muscle or something else that hurts but its very high up at the thigh close to where the leg connects with the hips( or is it called something else?.. the front of the hips anyway).

also ive noticed that when im standing up if i bring my right leg up and then let it go down something pops in there though if i let my quads loose on its way down rather than flexing it a little it doesnt really pop as much.

now usually whenever ive had a pain it would go away after a few workouts but this one seems to not leave. i will see my coach in a few days and ask him too but what do you guys think it might be?

btw my left leg doesnt hurt at all. it feels as if i tighten my right leg more… maybe i lean more towards it during the squats… though lately i have been trying to use a lot better technique so im not sure what went wrong.

It hurts right by your joint between the leg and hips? It’s probably your hip flexors. Do you stretch them? You might try changing your stance also. I think powerlifting stance puts more stress on your hips, so make sure you warm them up properly and stretch them after your sessions.

yes if im guessing correctly thats where it hurts. i admit i havent really been stretching much, though i have warmed up every time. i always use an olympic lifting stance more or less… whatever feels most comfortable and always full squats. ill try stretching it for a week off every day couple of times or so and then try squatting again.

also i think i should note that i think i have more flexibility with my left leg due to the way i sat on the chair at my desk for years. which further supports what you are saying. so thanks! any further replies by other people are welcome too